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  • What is Reiki?

    What Is Reiki?

    Reiki is used for the purpose of reducing stress and inducing deep relaxation, while also helping your body heal on its own. It’s based strongly on the idea of Chi (or Qi), the Buddhist concept of “life force energy” according to which we’re all driven by a certain energy flowing through our bodies, and mastering that energy while also ensuring its free flow is key to a successful and healthy life. Reiki’s name is actually derived from two Japanese words, Rei (“God’s Wisdom) and Ki, which is another way to spell Chi.

    Now Reiki classes, training and therapy in Syracuse, NY is available to those interested in learning more about it. Reiki training in Ithaca, NY or Liverpool, NY as well as Watertown is also available to those who are able to travel to Syracuse for the training or therapy sessions.

    Thanks to the Internet, we can learn everything we want about other cultures and traditions nowadays – and this has helped enrich everyone’s knowledge greatly. One of the more beneficial ways this has impacted our lives is that people can now more easily look for alternative approaches to their problems, discovering solutions in the knowledge of other cultures. Reiki is one particular practice which has been gaining strong popularity around the world as more and more people are recognizing it for its great beneficial effects.

    Reiki has proven to be very effective in treating virtually every illness and condition you can think of, and has a high success rate – no matter what’s troubling your health, Reiki will have some effect. In addition, you can efficiently combine it with other types of treatments to get an even more beneficial effect and recover faster. Reiki isn’t a complicated technique either – proper training and classes can teach you everything you need in a matter of weeks, and the ability is actually passed on in a very traditional way form master to student, allowing the student to progressively tap into their life force better and better.

    You should keep in mind that Reiki is just a therapy practice – it’s very spiritual but it’s not a religion in any way. Many people get Reiki mixed up with various religions (most commonly Buddhism) – but there are no “rules” and no dogma to follow when practicing Reiki. No matter what your beliefs are, you’ll be able to use Reiki fully in order to improve your life – you don’t even have to believe in Reiki itself, as it’s not dependent on that. However, don’t be surprised if you suddenly begin to discover a religious part of your personality – Reiki has the potential to unlock that in you, and many people find themselves with changing beliefs after having practiced Reiki for just a short while.